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Kamruzzaman Kachi & Associates is established in the year of 2008 with a view to bringing a positive change in the imagery of the legal profession of the land and ensuring legal services to all corners of the society. It is the outcome of the dream of some talented lawyers of which seed was borne back in their glorious university days.

Legal services, in a society like ours, have gone out of the reach of the common people more because of the inefficiency and tardiness of the lawyers concerned than for the cost associated with the legal procedure. Modern Management concept is most of the time absent in the traditional law firms and in individual lawyers. We, the associates of Kamruzzaman Kachi & Associates, are committed to provide with the customized, efficient and timely services to our clients.

First of all, we count the number. We believe, what is almost impossible for a single professional, may worth a brilliant solution when some bright university graduates work in concert to bring it out! Kamruzzaman Kachi & Associates also hires the best law school graduates with best backgrounds, whenever it is necessary. Fresh youth with fresh vim and vigour, we are!

Total Quality Management (TQM) is the guiding principle for the lawyers here at Kamruzzaman Kachi & Associates. To us quality means attention and care in hearing your problems, in-depth analysis of each and every of those, conducting required study to find out a logical and winning solution and making a smart and convincing submission before the court and thereby ensure the result. You have a case, Kamruzzaman Kachi & Associates makes you win!

We cover all the dimensions of legal services; Civil or Criminal, from Family matters to Labour issues, from individual to corporate affairs. Besides the courtroom trials, we provide with tailor-made services to our corporate clients in their in-house legal necessities. By this time we have had a tremendous experience of serving a good number of companies. Kamruzzaman Kachi & Associates is the Strategic partner of several corporate Clients.

We, the Lawyers, would like to offer you a team comprised of the most well equipped and energetic lawyers who believe in the principle of Total Quality Management. We maintain quality of services up to your expectation at every stage and are committed to serve you Just in Time.

13 Years of experienced serving a high quality services

Corporate Law 90%
Criminal Law 95%
Real Estate Law 81%
Securities Law 85%
Employment Law 92%
Administrative Law 83%
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Kamruzzaman Kachi & Associates

We believe client satisfaction is a reference and testimony of the quality of service we provide. We also believe that working well with our business partners enables our law firm to reach greater heights of success, being able to leverage on the capabilities of our partners, and allowing our business partners to leverage on our strength and resources. We are extensively networked in the banking & finance, insurance, construction, property development, and technology industries, and in the accounting, corporate secretarial and legal professions. Coupled with our drive and dedication towards excellence in client service, our clients and business partners are pampered with proactive, cutting-edge, ‘complete’ and ‘one stop’ solution focused in achieving objectives and goals. We think out-of-the-box and provide legal solutions that we believe are second to no other. We are a truly professional law firm and are relentless in working hard to maintain our client’s trust in and reliance on us.

Requests for further information and appointments may be arranged by contacting any one of our partners.

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